An uninterrupted and unchallengeable history reveals connections between art and wine, on all levels, from the superficial approach through senses to the deepest, most subtle emotions.

One could endlessly discuss about wine and faith, rituals, genius, creation, poetry, saints or demons, about the way art and wine cross tracks in key moments of both personal and global history.
But the following reading is not about historical excerpts, not about anthropological symbolism.
We simply wish to tell a story about a miracle – the meeting between special people, an unseen piece of Earth and an infinite desire to improve our work from one day to the next.

We began to write this story the first time a few of our wines could not be sat in any existing category.
Wines that speak beyond flavor and taste, wines that address mainly to the hearts and minds of those who meet them, wines of such complexity and so many nuances weaving altogether in an unspeakable harmony that we just could not pass along with other wines on dusty shelves.

There is a threshold – beyond it, everything that mankind may manufacture is no longer an artifact, but art, be it about complications of timepieces, decorations in architecture, fine tapestry or wine.
That what was supposed to be a wristwatch, a home, a chair of a glass of drink rises above its own status and, without losing its intended function, becomes a symbol, impossible to duplicate, brought to the world a unique piece or limited edition.

The wine turned into art found a natural bind to plastic arts. We linked our destiny with landmark people in the world of arts, in order to launch an unprecedented project, intimately connecting wine to drawing, painting, sculpture and photography.